Everything Looks Wrong When The Most Famous Brand Logos Swap Colors

It’s amazing how much of a difference a difference can make. Last year, we peered into the bizzaro world where our most trusted brands swapped identities. It was weird. However, that switcheroo was an exercise in complete overhauls. It was an understandably jarring look at the familiar in a different context. A new project merely switches the colors of brand logos, rather than the entire logos, and the difference it makes is surprisingly huge.

Created by, who previously experimented with brand color-swaps back in 2013, the new collection gives the Freaky Friday treatment to brands such as Amazon and eBay, the marketing executives of which would probably projectile vomit if they saw these mock-ups.

When a brand decides on its official colors, like Facebook’s inescapable blue, an enormous amount of thought goes into it. All the associations the end-user is meant to have with the brand are going to be projected on, and partly reflective of, those colors. Seeing them frivolously flipped this way is kind of a middle finger to marketing science, while the reaction it provokes is proof that those people know exactly what they’re doing.

[via Visual News]