Is Snapchat One Step Closer To Being A Major Content Discovery Platform?

The messaging app is adding Mashable, IGN, and Tastemade to the Discover tab, upping its count to 15 publishers.

Is Snapchat One Step Closer To Being A Major Content Discovery Platform?
[Screenshot: via Snapchat]

In an ongoing effort to bring more media brands onto its Discover platform–and boost advertising revenue–Snapchat has struck deals with Mashable, IGN, and Tastemade. But this time, the app will not be removing partners to make room for the new additions, unlike when it introduced BuzzFeed last month.

Starting Thursday, Snapchat will feature a total of 15 publishers in the Discover section. Last month, the app was redesigned to send more eyeballs to its Discover partners, by positioning their content within the Stories tab. As the company shacks up with more media brands, however, it may need to find a new way to format Discover: Hosting all the publishers within the existing tab won’t be feasible if the number keeps climbing. Will Snapchat resort to a subscription model of sorts, whereby users are sent a daily digest of Stories for media companies that they follow, à la Twitter and Facebook?

While Snapchat’s core business remains disposable pictures sent by friends to each other, the company faces one big problem: Goofy party pictures don’t generate much revenue, and users get annoyed by advertising showing up near their goofy party pictures. Becoming a content discovery platform for media brands could be much more profitable, especially since the company is aiming high: Re/code reported in July that Snapchat wants to earn $50 million in revenue this year.

But this creates a bit of a problem for Snapchat. Emphasize Discover too much by adding a spectrum of media brands, and you risk alienating your core audience. At the moment, the company seems intent on offering a curated list of partners that skews younger, in keeping with the app’s demographic; it remains to be seen if this strategy is sustainable.

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[via Re/code]