This Artist’s Pop Culture Oreo Art Is Just Too Awesome To Eat

Some artists prefer acrylics. Others are into clay. For Tisha Cherry, however, Oreos are where she dunks her inspiration.

“Two years ago, I twisted open an Oreo and thought the cream looked like a Nike Dunk,” Cherry says. “I immediately became obsessed with trying to see how many different things I could create out of them. Now, I feel like I’m looking at the world through some sort of Oreo crème lens and it’s become my favorite medium to express my creativity through.”

Cherry’s Oreo art absorbs everything from pop culture to fine arts. She’s just as likely to recreate the poster from Jaws as she is the work of Mondrian. And she’s been documenting it all on her Instagram page.

So far, the biggest challenge she’s faced is recreating the famous “American Gothic” painting. (A piece of art with which Amy Schumer is intimately familiar.) Creating portraits on a small surface with Oreo crèmes is apparently even more difficult and complex than it looks–and it already looks like a cavalcade of tiny details.

But the amount of effort required to imprint such extraordinary detail on such a tiny canvass is a difficult task Cherry is more than willing to meet head-on.

“A lot of my art is trial and error and that’s what makes it fun,” she says. “So I usually try to pursue any idea and everything that inspires me regardless of how challenging it might be.”

Have a look at more of her Oreo art in the slides above, and try not to drool on your computer.