5 Great Free Apps For Coping With Day-Long Airline Travel

Itineraries, maps, time-killers, and more. 

The only thing worse than traveling is traveling all…day…long. Between the layovers, the delays, the endless lines, it’s a wonder we don’t see more modern-day meltdowns.


Take these apps for a spin the next time you’ll be spending all day in airports. They won’t make your connecting flight show up anytime sooner, but they might be able to restore a teensy shred of your sanity. 

1. Automate Your Itinerary

You knew TripIt (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone, web) would be the first thing on this list, right? It’s that good. Forward the confirmation emails for your flight, hotel stay, car rental, and other travel-related hoopla to a special email address, and the app will automatically cobble together a personal-assistant-level itinerary for you to follow as you gallivant around the world.

2. Plan Out Your Routes

Nokia’s well-regarded HERE Maps (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, web) app boasts an excellent route planner and offline features that let you pre-determine how you’ll get from Point A to Point B and all points in between once you finally get off the plane. There are some great 3-D indoor maps of airports that you can use to kill time between flights if you haven’t quite reached your final destination yet.

3. Read Infinitely

Wattpad (Android, iOS, web) serves up e-book after e-book, all for free. You can discover up-and-coming authors or stick with more established guest authors, and there’s a trove of classic titles to re-read as well. Content ranges from novel length to short stories, and there are social features you can use to connect with authors and other readers. You can write and share your own stuff, too.

4. Find Some Serenity

Try LoungeBuddy (Android, iOS) if the common areas of the airport are driving you up the wall. The app scours more than 2,000 lounges at 600 airports to see which ones are available for day passes. Better yet, you can load your itinerary into the app along with any membership services you belong to or fancy credit cards you have, and it’ll find the lounges you can access for free. 

5. Take A Look Around

The aptly named AroundMe (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) app shows you–yes, you guessed it–what’s around you. Fire it up to scout out nearby ATMs, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. You’ll find helpful information such as business hours, menus, links to reservation systems, and tips from people who have frequented the various establishments before you.