“Star Wars” Nerds Unite: Target Is Crowdsourcing Galaxies Of Your Movie Memories

Whether it’s dressing up as Han Solo for Halloween, naming a pet after a beloved character, or spending countless hours playing with the action figures well into your thirties, every Star Wars fan has a favorite memory related to the films.

In a new partnership project with Lucasfilm, Target is aiming to collect and share as many memories and tributes as possible from the space saga’s estimated 147 million fans around the world. Share the Force is an interactive experience, that encourages people to upload their own videos or photos with captions to the site, then categorizes the crowdsourced memories into a variety of “galaxies” formed in the shape of favorite characters.

According to Mashable, when the campaign is finished the site and its contents will be will passed on to Lucasfilm for permanent archiving.

Now you can rest easy knowing your flawless Chewbacca impression will be saved for the education of future generations.