Okilly Dokilly Might Be The World’s Only Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band

The world’s most popular band named after a character from The Simpsons has got to be Fall Out Boy. That’s a given. However, the guys who truly have the most Springfield soil entrenched in their souls seem to be Okilly Dokilly, the Ned Flanders-themed metal thrashers.

Straight outta Phoenix, Arizona, Okilly Dokilly certainly looks the part of the man responsible for their namesake catchphrase. The pale quintet all feature the rounded glasses, bristly mustaches, and penchant for sweaters and slacks that are hallmarks of Ned Flanders. But the self-described “Nedal” band shreds in a way that the compulsively pious business owner would probably find unappealing.

Okilly Dokilly, emphasis on the four middle letters in both words, have not been signed yet, but they are ready to rock, and they’ve rechristened themselves, Ramones-style.

Ever true to the band’s twin muses, the Okilly Dokilly number, “All That Is Left,” is a tribute to Flanders’s left-hand store, The Leftorium, and also perhaps to the popular metal band All That Remains. Listen to the surprisingly not-awful demos below:

[via Rip It Up]