This Eagle Took Down A Drone And The Footage Survived To Tell The Tale

What could possibly be more symbolic of America’s internal handwringing over privacy invasion than an eagle crashing into a drone? Nothing, probably. In any case, this allegorical collision came to life recently, and somehow the footage survived. (So did the eagle!)

Recorded in Australia, the video surfaced recently from YouTuber Melbourne Aerial Video. It begins, as so much of Co.Create’s Some Hero series does, by soaring through the sky. When the eagle comes into frame, though, it’s clear that he or she means business, and will not be deterred. You clicked, so you know what happens from there, although the foreknowledge should hardly lesson the, um, impact.

Let us know in the comments below whether this eagle clearly articulates your thoughts on drones as well.

Watch a slowed-down version of the same video below: