5 Great Free Apps for Your One-Person Business

Take notes, organize meetings, send out invoices, and more.

One-person shops, we salute you! You’ve singlehandedly got the sales, marketing, support, development, accounting, and legal departments humming together like a well-oiled machine before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee each day.


More than ever, you need to work smarter rather than harder. And cheap (read: free) doesn’t hurt either. Let these five free apps help you keep your moneymaking house in order.

1. Get Your Mental Ducks In A Row

Simplenote (Android, iOS, Kindle, Mac, web) lives up to its name. Like note-keepers with steeper learning curves, this offering syncs your notes across multiple devices so you always have all your thoughts with you. Unlike those other apps, this one’s got a learning curve about as steep as Nebraska. Sharing your notes with others and rolling back to earlier revisions of notes is about as complicated as it gets here–and you don’t even need to use those options.

2. Chat Face-To-Face From Far Away

There are about a million ways to videoconference, but GoToMeeting Free (web) is a dead-simple way to set up a free video call between a few people. Click the “Start a Meeting” button, and you’re given a link to share with up to two other people. Nobody needs to log in on either side; all your recipients need to do is click the link and you’re all connected, complete with streaming video and screen-sharing features.

3. Get Paid

Use (web) for a double whammy of time tracking and invoicing. The free version lets you track up to five projects, bill up to five clients, and send up to two invoices each month. You can upload your company logo as well, and there’s built-in encryption to help you and your clients stay protected.

4. Beef Up Your Brand

Like most tiny businesses, it’s completely reasonable to think that your marketing strategy relies heavily upon popular social networks. Try Postfity (web) to manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus accounts. You can blast an update out to multiple accounts at the same time or use the handy scheduling tool to dole your musings out at predetermined times. The free version lets you connect up to five accounts and schedule up to 10 updates. 

5. Go Paperless

Contracts! Business cards! Deductible expenses! When you’re a one-person show, it’s easy to get buried under a mountain of paperwork. Try TinyScanner (Android, iOS) to turn your phone or tablet into a simple yet powerful document scanner. The app can scan just about everything you throw at it, and results can be saved as PDFs and emailed to you for quick filing.