There’s No Way You Caught All 150 Easter Eggs Hidden In These Pixar Movies

Considering how much care obviously goes into every aspect of Pixar’s signature mix of heart, belly laughs, and head-spinning visual wizardry, you might think the studio wouldn’t have bandwidth left over to hide ingenious jokes in their films too. And you’d be wrong.

150 Hidden Pixar Easter Eggs proves that the studio does indeed put just as much care and creativity into its obscure, layered in-jokes as it does with every other element of its filmography. Edited together by well-informed YouTuber Space Penguin, the 11-minute video enumerates Pixar’s penchant for pop culture references (a carpet in Toy Story is an homage to The Shining), crossover appearances (Linguini from Ratatouille has The Incredibles logo on his underwear), and hints toward future projects, far-less pronounced than Marvel post-credits sequences (A bug from A Bug’s Life can be briefly seen in a storybook a character is reading in Toy Story.)

Some of the info here is scarcely more than common knowledge–like the fact that Cheers alum John Ratzenberger pops up as a voice actor in every film–and some of it isn’t exactly hidden–like the fact that Toy Story’s Woody makes a cameo in the blooper reel for A Bug’s Life. Also, there are more references to “A113”–the animation classroom where the head Pixar animators were taught–than you can handle. Overall, though, the video is packed with enough astutely observed surprises to ensure that even the most devoted fans wear out their Blu-ray pause-buttons anew.

The animators are so smooth at hiding extra bits that, as Space Penguin mentions on the YouTube page, these 150 are almost certainly not all of them.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve noticed any others.