What Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, And Other Celebrities Look Like Photoshopped Into Eerily Accurate Hybrid People

Your college-age cousin’s #SquadGoals hashtag just got way more complicated.

A new alternate pop culture universe has opened up, thanks to some truly ingenious Photoshop work, forcing viewers to contemplate the creative output of a hybrid Taylor Swift/Emma Watson—perhaps the most stylish being in (as yet hypothetical) existence.

Taylor Swift / Emma Watson

Taylor Watson. Heath Hardy. Angelina Fox. These are but some of the genetically fused celebrities Pedro Berg Johnsen (a/k/a ThatNordicGuy) has invented by digitally splicing together photos. The resulting portraits look like eerily accurate combinations of household faces—not so much what their children would look like, but what they would look like if the laws of physics didn’t matter and they could both occupy the same space at the same time. Obviously, these new, fictitious people are all wildly attractive and have a lot of presence.

Not all of the subjects are grouped together because they look alike, Colin Farrell and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for instance, have no business coming together anywhere near as seamless as they do. Elsewhere, Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau are only combined because of their shared Game of Thrones lineage. Best of all, perhaps is a Marvel superhero trifecta, the triple-Chris of Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt, who just looks like a highly castable movie star of indeterminate origin.

Have a look through the other hybrids in the slides above, and let us know in the comments who’s faces you think would meld well together.

[via My Modern Met]