John Oliver Made The Most Honest Sex-PSA Ever, With Laverne Cox and Nick Offerman

Following a typically smart diatribe about sex ed, Oliver’s PSA features stars from whom you’d most want to learn about sex.

It used to be that sex ed would make kids giggle because of all the forbidden nudity that was finally revealed. Now these videos are laughably bad because of all that they conceal–but the results aren’t very funny. (Pregnant teens and STDs.)


In typically erudite and hilarious fashion, John Oliver and the team of writers at Last Week Tonight dissected why Sex Ed is so messed up in America on this past week’s show. Oliver explains why the state-to-state variance in curriculums make it so that teachers aren’t even allowed to demonstrate putting condoms on produce in Mississippi, despite the state ranking #2 in teen pregnancy. (Oliver shows one clever teacher circumvent the issue by teaching how to safely put a sock on one’s foot in order to engage in “shoe activity.”)

Beyond a pure lack of information, some programs lean on unrealistically puritanical persuasion, with abstinence programs like WAIT (which actually stands for Why Am I Tempted.) Even though these programs were dubbed a huge failure after the Bush administration’s massive rollout last decade, skeptical, horny kids are still being told that the best solution to not getting pregnant is waiting until marriage.

Luckily, Last Week Tonight put together a three-minute PSA with a bunch of funny people that has a modicum of bleepable words, but could seriously be used in a school setting. It is the most honest, straight-talking Sex PSA ever made. Abstinence and/or Sex First: Teen Birth Control Decisions features performers like Laverne Cox, Kumail Nanjiani, Jack McBrayer, Kristen Schaal, and actual marrieds Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally–basically everyone from whom you’d ever want to learn about sex–and it provides useful info about what the previous videos Oliver played in the segment skirt around.

Come for all the big names, stay for the Jonathan Banks double-cameo, and skip ahead to 17:50, if you just want to see the PSA.