Ranking The Most Billionaire-Like Lyrics On Dr. Dre’s First Album In 16 Years, “Compton”

Dr. Dre just put out his first album since becoming a billionaire. These are the most billionaire-like lyrics.

Ranking The Most Billionaire-Like Lyrics On Dr. Dre’s First Album In 16 Years, “Compton”
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Detox is hip-hop’s Chinese Democracy. It’s the long-promised album from one of the best that ever did it, whose release date kept getting pushed back a cartoonish amount of times until it seemed like it would never come out. The difference between Guns ‘N Roses’s quixotic quest to follow up an era-defining ’90s album and Dr. Dre’s, though, is that Chinese Democracy actually came out. Detox didn’t, and never will. Dre scrapped that album and just released something else. His stated reason is that he wasn’t satisfied with Detox. Perhaps it’s because he’s not the same person he was when he started working on it. He’s now a billionaire.


Dr, Dre started producing his third solo album well before he started producing the bulky headphones that would ultimately net him a galactic deal with Apple. He and partner Jimmy Iovine are now set for life. Boasting about income is not exactly uncommon in hip-hop, but the lyrical content on Detox likely did not reflect the fact that Dre now has enough money to single-handedly save Greece.

Now that Compton: A Soundtrack has arrived, just in time to coincide with next week’s release of Straight Outta Compton—a movie partly based on his life—it’s a very good time to be Dre—the moment of scrutiny is upon us. What does a beatmaker and recording artist sound like once he strikes it Oprah-rich? Co.Create put on its giant Beats headphones and listened close to rank Dre’s most billionaire-like lyrics on the new album.

8. Darkside/Gone
In a league my own, you ain’t even made it up to my throne
You ain’t even authorized for this song
I went from hanging out down at the swap meet
To driving some of the hottest cars LA has ever seen


7. All In a Day’s Work
My whole life all I ever thought about is grindin’
Rich as fuck, but, guess what, I’m back to work
Overseas, back home, no time to sleep, I’m back to work

Lebron James with Beats By Dre headphonesPhoto: courtesy of Beats by Dre

6. Satisfiction
Listen up, I been where you’re going three times and plus
Big houses, cars, jewelry, bad bitches all around us
Motherfucker uh, I seen it all and guess what
It’s the (Satisfiction) you feel me?

4. For The Love of Money (just the title)
Came from the bottom of this bitch and made it out of that shit
And that’s why we on top of this motherfucking world
Got a relationship with that money

Rappers N.W.A. (back) Dr. Dre, Laylaw from Above The Law, The D.O.C. (front) Ice Cube, Eazy-E., MC Ren and DJ Yella pose for a photo before their performance during the “Straight Outta Compton” tour at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri in 1989.Photo: Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

4. Medicine Man
They just think I want the money, why?
When I can’t take it with me

3.Deep Water
Would you look over Picasso’s shoulder and tell him about his brush strokes?

2. Talk About It
I just bought California/ Them other states ain’t far behind it either
Millionaire before the headphones or the speakers
I was getting money ‘fore the Internet
Still got Eminem checks I ain’t opened yet
The world ain’t enough, I want it all
God dammit, I’m too old, I forgot I got it all


1. Talking To My Diary
I remember when I got started my intention was to win
But a lot of shit changed since then
Some more friends became enemies in the quest of victory
But I made a vow, never let this shit get to me
I let it pass, so I consider that part of my history
And I’m strong; financially, physically
Mentally I’m on a whole ‘nother level
And don’t forget that I came from the ghetto
Sold a new house for my moms, that’s special
I let you going shopping till your feet get tired
Then a new Benz just for you to ride in
When I didn’t have it, you provided
Don’t be surprised that I built an enterprise
And my house got a view of the city like a highrise

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