Twitter Steps Up E-Commerce Efforts With Shopify Partnership

Shopify already works with 100,000 merchants across the country.

Twitter Steps Up E-Commerce Efforts With Shopify Partnership
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Twitter doesn’t just want to be where you discuss the Kardashians’ latest sartorial choices. The social network would like to become the place where you make your sartorial choices.

Twitter is partnering with Shopify–an e-commerce software provider–and other similar companies to expand its offering of native “Buy” buttons, which allow customers to directly purchase items mentioned in tweets. Shopify’s software is already being used by approximately 100,000 vendors across the U.S.

Shopify, one of Fast Company‘s most innovative companies in 2012, specializes in automated e-commerce tools. The company has aggressively pursued relationships with social giants: It is already working with both Facebook and Pinterest. Twitter first unveiled the Buy button in late 2014, but the Shopify partnership and its recent launch of product pages indicates the company is ramping up its efforts.

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