Watch How “The Martian” Astronauts Matt Damon And Jessica Chastain Deal With 10 Days Of Isolation

As Co.Create has mentioned before, Ridley Scott is the king of creating supra-movie viral content during the lead-up to a release date. Hot on the heels of a previous first look at the astronauts of The Martian, Scott’s latest clip offers more insight into the personalities of the team.

Last time, we took a look around the ARES 3 to get a sense of the ship that would ultimately end up somehow stranding Matt Damon on Mars. Here we get more of the light tone hinted at in the first video, as a psychologist interviews members of the space-crew after they’ve each spent 10 days in isolation. Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara, and Michael Peña all apparently have their own methods of coping. Damon’s involves deep philosophical inquiries into the logic of Aquaman, Peña’s favors frequent, variant self-love, and, well, Jessica Chastain is ice cold in this movie so it didn’t seem to phase her at all.

Ridley Scott’s approach with these clips paints a distinctly human face on the ARES 3 gang, rather than making them anonymous astronauts who may or may not get picked off one by one. By going this relatively lo-fi route–the spaceship mise en scene still uses some CGI–Scott ensures that viewers are invested in the characters before the movie even starts, and that we want them all to get off Mars safely.

The Martian is in theaters this October.