Reddit CEO: We’re Developing Content Policy, Community Quarantines

Reddit CEO: We’re Developing Content Policy, Community Quarantines
[Photo: © ROBERT GALBRAITH/Reuters/Corbis]

Reddit is working on major changes to its site, as a follow-up to the recent retooling of its content policy. In a short announcement published Wednesday morning, Reddit cofounder and CEO Steve Huffman said the company is streamlining the rules of its new content policy, “quarantining” communities it does not want to endorse, and developing an alternative to its practice of shadow banning–through which moderators currently censor offending users without their knowledge.

“We are in a phase of emergency fixes to repair a number of longstanding issues that are causing all of us grief,” Huffman writes. “I normally don’t like talking about things before they’re ready, but because many of you are asking what’s going on, and have been asking for a long time before my arrival, I’ll share what we’re up to.”

He goes on to explain what the team is already working on, and what it hopes to tackle next:

Under active development:

  • Content Policy. We’re consolidating all our rules into one place. We won’t release this formally until we have the tools to enforce it.
  • Quarantine the communities we don’t want to support
  • Improved banning for both admins and moderators (a less sneaky alternative to shadowbanning)
  • Improved ban-evasion detection techniques (to make the former possible)
  • Anti-brigading research (what techniques are working to coordinate attacks)
  • AlienBlue bug fixes
  • AlienBlue improvements
  • Android app

Next up:

  • Anti-abuse and harassment (e.g. preventing PM harassment)
  • Anti-brigading
  • Modmail improvements

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