Pandora Wants You To Get Intimate With Brands In Exchange For Ad-Free Streaming

Stare at an ad for 15 seconds, and you can listen to an hour of uninterrupted music.

Pandora Wants You To Get Intimate With Brands In Exchange For Ad-Free Streaming
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Will you feel closer to a brand if it serves as your gateway to ad-free music streaming? Pandora sure thinks so. The online radio platform has introduced Sponsored Listening, a new advertising product that lets listeners trade 15 seconds of “engagement” with a brand for an hour of uninterrupted radio time.


Pandora has been testing the initiative in beta since last September, which the company claims left a good impression on both users and advertisers, according to a press release:

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During the beta testing period for the product, Sponsored Listening resulted in a 12 percent lift in brand awareness and a 30 percent lift in purchase intent for advertisers. Consumers also praised the product via Twitter and Facebook, stating that they loved the experience.

Any Pandora advertiser is welcome to use Sponsored Listening, which offers brands more flexibility in the type of ads they choose to display, be it videos, slideshows, or even 360-degree product views. To take advantage of the new feature, you’ll need to sit through 15 seconds of an ad when you open a radio station–but after that, it’s nonstop Beyoncé jams all the way.

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