The Recommender: Meg Miller Wants To Show You A Chameleon Popping Bubbles!

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The Recommender: Meg Miller Wants To Show You A Chameleon Popping Bubbles!
[Photo: Flickr user Charlie Marshall]
Meg MillerPhoto: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Meg Miller
Role at Fast Company: Assistant editor at Co.Design. I write stories about art, design, and architecture, and get to talk to interesting people every day in the process.
Twitter: @megilllah
Titillating Fact: I’ve never had wisdom teeth. I didn’t get them removed, I just never developed them. I’d like to think that this makes me a more evolved human, since wisdom teeth are a totally unnecessary trait (our jaws have gotten smaller over time, and now there’s just not room for them). But I do still have my appendix so I guess that’s debatable.


Things she’s loving:

1. Vocal Fry Guys + This Month’s General Linguistic Frenzy

I’m pretty into this “Vocal Fry Guys” remix that was made by producer Ann Heppermann over at Slate’s Cultural Gabfest podcast to show that lots of people, not just women, speak with “creaky voice.” “Every time we talk about vocal fry, we never hear men’s voices. Like climate change, male vocal fry is real.” It’s true! Just listen to Ira Glass say anything. Women get a lot of flack for vocal fry–and upspeak and using qualifiers–so it’s great to see that people are finally pointing out that men also engage in these habits.

This month has seen a lot of smart conversation about policing women’s speech, spurred mostly by this Business Insider article written by former Google executive Ellen Petry Leanse that claims women overuse the word “just.”

This response from feminist linguist (and all-around badass) Debbie Cameron and this fantastic Ann Friedman piece over at The Cut are definitely worth a read.


I’ve been using the site a lot lately for collecting article ideas, organizing personal projects, and as a general source of inspiration. The nice thing about is that you can create private channels to collect your own links and images or you can open it up to the public so anyone can see and add to it. In that way, it’s great for collaborating with people you’re working with or anyone else who uses it. My favorite channels to follow right now are Logo Collections, Deep Signs, and Feeling Futuristic.

3. My New Spirit Animal: This Bubble-Popping Chameleon

This video of a chameleon popping bubbles makes me so happy. Those hands!