What Would You Call A Kinder, Gentler Gawker?

What Would You Call A Kinder, Gentler Gawker?
[Photo: Grace Villamil/Flickr user Financial Times] is reportedly “relaunching” Monday with a less-brassy attitude, a new office, and some major holes in its masthead. According to Capital New York, CEO Nick Denton told his staff the site will be “10-15 percent nicer” than the 12-year-old media company—known for its ferocious and sometimes controversial scoops—has been in the past. In addition, Denton says he’s considering a new name for Gawker Media to distance itself from its flagship site.

The internal chaos that has followed Gawker’s decision to pull a widely reviled story last week has resulted in a flurry of bickering among Gawker staff, as well as the resignation of two top editors. And an all-out crisis has broken out in the last week over whether, or to what extent, the business side has a measure of control over editorial decisions, since the vote to remove the story included the president of advertising and partnerships.

(If that storyline has proven too difficult to follow, this mostly fictional animated video should help you along.)

The turmoil at the midsize media brand has been made that much worse by its growing pains, says Digiday. Gawker has recently struggled to break out of its classification as a niche publication and compete with other digital media companies like Buzzfeed and Mashable that have the benefit of venture capital and rapid growth.

Monday’s relaunch and possible name change are expected reflect a less-acerbic tone, one that would presumably expand its readership and court advertisers. In that vein, we have a few name suggestions:

Onlooker, Inc.
Gazer Media
Perez Denton
Denton Ventures (“Dentures,” for short)
The Observer

Whoops, that one’s already taken. What would you call a kinder, gentler Gawker?