These Nikes Designed To Look Like Your Favorite Album Covers Have Sole Power

Over the years, we’ve seen famous album covers as pixelated Lego, as depicted by an Etch-a-Sketch, and as seen from the back. Until now, however, we haven’t seen album art you could crossover dribble with.

Usually a musician would have to have a clothing line to get shoes made in his or her honor. Another option, apparently, is to wait until an artist creates Nikes festooned with your classic album art. Copenhagen-based designer Patso Dimitrov recently unveiled just such a series of branded basketball shoes that reinterpret familiar selections from your digital record crate.

Literally any time album art gets a makeover, you can be sure that Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon will be given the business. This instance is no exception, with Joy Division slathered across some LeBrons and Pink Floyd baked into Kevin Durant’s KD8s. Each sneaker in the collection integrates elements from its representative album into the design in a way that feels more organic than a completely faithful recreation. In fact, an observer would have to look pretty closely at your shoes to even discern that an album is evoked on them. Of course, this relative subtlety lends itself to a greater payoff when someone does indeed notice.

We’re not sure how functional these sneakers are just from looking at them, but if you’re playing basketball with Tribe Called Quest on your feet, you’re already winning.

[via designboom]