• 07.21.15

“Word Wars” Delivers Your Daily Headlines As If They Came From A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Everything feels a little more…important…when it scrolls in bold yellow text while John Williams’s score plays.

Reading the news in the morning is a sometimes interesting, often depressing, experience. But it definitely becomes a much more exciting experience when you get your headlines from the “Word Wars” YouTube channel. The channel, a project from software artist Julien Deswaef, captures top headlines from the New York Times every morning, along with a brief summary of the story, and then presents them in the scrolling-over-space format used to brief viewers on what’s been up in the Star Wars universe before each movie–all while John Williams’s epically bombastic score adds a layer of gravity and importance to stories about, say, who advises Donald Trump on his Presidential campaign.


The channel updates every morning automatically, with the headlines and body text generated using open source software that Deswaef published on his website for free. The algorithm only pulls three headlines daily–the Star Wars theme is only about 90 seconds long, after all–so it might not be the most complete glimpse of what’s happening in the world, but it’s definitely the one most likely to give a certain type of Star Wars fan chills every morning even if they’re just reading about the Trump campaign.

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