Today in Tabs: The Reichstab Fire

But what’s a good hill to picnic on?

Today in Tabs: The Reichstab Fire
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At the Gawker editorial Denton-pummeling yesterday afternoon, departing editor Tommy Craggs reportedly compared his boss’s decision to take a post down to the Reichstag fire, which is a good metaphor, except instead of Denton setting the seat of the German government on fire, it was more like Craggs set the seat of his own pants on fire and then Denton put it out and said “hey what if instead of being complete assholes, we were a little more like Vox?” According to the tab factory, Gawker was tearing itself apart! Having an existential crisis! An implosion! A meltdown! A civil war! If it had been dancing with Mr. Brownstone and knocking on heaven’s door, we’d have a whole Guns N’ Roses greatest hits album. People were dying on hills and “Reichstag fire” was trending:


But did anyone write anything worth reading? You bet they did! Heather Havrilesky wondered whether “we really want to live in a world where no one is allowed to make mistakes.” Maria Bustillos reminded us why we need Gawker in the first place. And Elspeth Reeve suggested that in the twelve years since Denton and Liz Spiers started Gawker the internet has changed, and we have changed, and Gawker needs to change too. Caity Weaver confirmed that she does still work there, albeit mostly shadow-editing Defamer, and today Gawker writer Rich Juzwiak told a story about a post he decided to spike and a way the source of this disaster could have easily been reframed as “Look at This Crazy, Conspiracy-Obsessed Porn Star Who’s Trying To Blackmail a High-Powered Media Executive (That I’m Not Going to Name).” Now that’s some good Kinja.

As of this morning, Gawker, Jezebel, and the other Gawker Media sites appear to be publishing more or less normally.

Also yesterday in strange Nazi references was this National Review story where “right wing intellectual”1 Kevin D. Williamson accused Bernie Sanders of being a Nazi. Pardon me, a “national socialist,” of which there were many non-Nazi types that no one can quite remember just now. Mr. Godwin is recovering today, but in good spirits.

Today in unexpected literary discoveries / fish: There’s a brand new Dr. Seuss book coming out next week called “What Pet Should I Get?” with the siblings from “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,” except in this book they’re super racist. I guess that explains why they were so obsessed with what color the fish were. Meanwhile British prime minister and boring Matthew Perry David Cameron, decided that he will not be pointing at fish this summer, which is the most important thing you get to decide as prime minister of the UK now.

Jess Zimmerman wrote about her midlife crisis and what that even means for women and other people who aren’t traditionally accorded the privilege of a “midlife crisis.” Amanda Marcotte on Bill Cosby and how rapists love to brag. It’s pretty slim but the Longreads blog has a few notes on “Dr. V’s Magical Putter” author Caleb Hannan’s first public statements about the story that arguably drove its subject to suicide. Classic American literary road trips, mapped. Patrick Stickles on his breakdown and the source of next week’s new Titus Andronicus album, “The Most Lamentable Tragedy.”

Today in Feels: Here’s a new Bon Iver song. [via Vulture]


Today’s Song: Guns N’ Roses, “Coma

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1. Idiot.

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