Today in Tabs: Confessions

Secrets, lies, and assignations; website hacks, and resignations.

Today in Tabs: Confessions
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People worry. What are they worried about today? 37 million adulterers, would-be adulterers, and people with email addresses are worried about the Ashley Madison hack. The hookup site for cheating spouses bragged in 2014 that it was “the last truly secure space on the internet,” so that’s it, everything has now been hacked. Paul Ford has some thoughts about what that might mean, but for the moment your only hope is that your secrets are too picayune or boring for Gawker to publish.


Or not, I guess, because maybe Gawker doesn’t do that anymore? Gawker Media executive editor Tommy Craggs and Gawker editor-in-chief Max Read resigned today over the removal of last week’s accountant-shaming fiasco. If you’re into the drama, J.K. Trotter’s post includes chat logs from the managing partners, email dudgeon from Craggs and Read, and a sidebar where John Cook and Emma Carmichael debate what, exactly, Tommy Craggs tied his dick to. On his way out, Craggs published the Gawker brand book, and Julia Ioffe and Ryan Lizza demanded to be removed from the site’s masthead, apparently out of reflex.

So what did you all think of this mess? You were surprisingly restrained in the Tabs Gawker poll! Most of you thought it was merely not in the public interest, while the vast majority thought that either the story was bad or weed is great, or possibly both? Here are the full results:

But what else are people worried about? Residents of 123 On the Park are worried about “anti-gentrification ghosts,” which, if you’ll recall, was literally the premise of Beetlejuice. Felix Salmon is worried about ad tech ruining the web experience but possibly not worried enough about the iceberg lurking in front of the great mobile ad revenue Titanic when Apple allows content blocking in iOS 9. The FAA and the ATF are worried that a teen can build a gun drone. Also under investigation: cats out of bags, toothpaste out of tubes. And finally, surfers are more worried about sharks than they were last week.

Casey Neistat’s video sharing app Beme is launching, with a lot of precious posturing about “authenticity” in our online selves. Sarah Kessler pointed out that authenticity is a fucked concept. And Casey Johnston found that the app’s user interface doesn’t really even work if you have boobs. Maybe authenticity is only for bros? These accidentally uploaded films that Jon Bois found are probably the only authentic things I’ve ever seen online.

Courtney Stanton and Darius Kazemi (aka Feel Train) made a Twitter bot to automate online arguing for police brutality protesters. However terrible as you thought Bill Cosby was, he’s worse than that. Looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking about Centralia, PA last week. Jon Mooallem writing about two ex-convicts who meet newly released prisoners is as good as you would expect from Mooallem. Also in the Times this weekend is a great story about the McDonalds near Penn Station, by Kim Barker. Suffering from systemic racism? Call White Squad, and put white privilege to work for YOU! Today in Tumblr: Cool scaffolding, and animated movie stills site “If we don’t, remember me” is back.

“If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule?”
No Country for Old Men (2007)

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People worry, what are they worrying about today? Email worries. Today in Tabs has learned its lessons. And Fast Company doesn’t even want to hear about your confessions.

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