Domino’s Promotes Emoji Literacy With Flash Cards

Do you speak emoji?

Your life might make more sense if you do, given their penetration into every area of human endeavor. People are using emojis to offer recaps of TV shows, movies and even albums; brands have created entire campaigns around the little pictures; documentaries have been made about this image-based form of communications; there’s even a World Emoji Day.

Domino’s made headline with its “Emoji Ordering” campaign, in which customers can text or tweet an image of a pizza to order a pizza. Now, fresh off its Titanium Grand Prix Cannes Lion win for the campaign, Domino’s is working to solve an emoji-related problem: some people can’t read emojis. In fact, by its own estimate, 40% of Americans are emoji illiterate.

To combat this, the pizza chain and agency CP+B launched a new campaign to raise awareness of the issue. The tongue-in-cheek PSA is complete with distraught parents, worrying about having their kids taken away since they don’t know how to communicate.

But fear not: the brand has created real flashcards to help you (or “your friend”) learn to talk in this modern age. The flashcards can be ordered online for free, or printed at home (you know, in case you have an immediate need to learn emoji).