• 07.20.15

Watch Horror Maestro Eli Roth Murder Some Social Media Celebrities On Snapchat

For the next 24 hours, you can see the Hostel director’s grisly deaths in a Snapchat Story to promote his digital network, CryptTV.

Watch Horror Maestro Eli Roth Murder Some Social Media Celebrities On Snapchat

Some murderers have left behind a social media trail, but not like this.


For 24 hours, Snapchat users can observe the grisly murders of an unfortunate group of Vine stars and the like. The occasion for the (staged) massacre, which takes place on Snapchat, is a promotion for twisted horror filmmaker Eli Roth’s new digital network, CryptTV. Simply add username CryptTV as a friend and you can view a Snapchat Story (a collection of short connected videos) that’s a slightly more murder-y variation on that most famous mansion mystery, Clue.

Snapchat Stillsm of the Murder Mystery “…And Then There Were None” from @CryptTV
Eli RothPhoto: Flickr user GabboT

In the Snapchat story, social media celebrities like Logan Paul and his brother Jake barely have time to eat an awkward dinner together in the mansion they’ve been invited to before they start getting picked off one by one—and in some cases pick off each other. There’s a decidedly un-nuanced necrophilia joke, which is nearly redeemed by a kind of clever Bill Cosby gag. It’s an interesting use of the Snapchat Story, which often have more of a general theme than a narrative throughline.

Anyone engaged in thes particular Story’s outcome can find out who the killer is when the identity is revealed at 7pm PST tonight.

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