Free App Friday: 5 Great Ways To Keep Track Of Your Stuff

Where’s that package? Did I take my pill? I can’t find Grandpa! These apps can help.

Don’t get bogged down trying to manually juggle all the facets of your life. There are plenty of good apps you can use to keep track of stuff, with just a little bit of effort on your part.


1. Track Your Packages

You could keep track of 17 different “Your package has shipped!” emails like a true sucker, or you could do next to nothing. I’m an American, so I choose the latter. Slice (Android, iOS) hooks into your email system to recognize shipment emails and automatically track your packages for you. You’ll get notifications about when items arrive, but the app goes a few steps further by offering product recall updates, tracking your spending habits, and includes a barcode scanner you can use to track items you send back.

2. Coordinate Who’s Buying What At The Grocery Store

Listonic (Android, iOS) is a simple shopping list that you can share with your snookums so the two of you don’t double up on SkinnyPop. When items are added and checked off your list, they’re synced with anyone else who has access, and items can be sorted by store aisle so you can blast through Whole Foods at 5 p.m. with the steely determination of a city dweller who needs to get home early to snag a decent parking spot.

3. Don’t Forget To Take Your Pills

Because that Lipitor’s not going to take itself, there’s Dosecast (Android, iOS). You can set the app to remind you to take your medicine at recurring times, with alarm-like snooze features if you need to postpone. The app sports customizable dosage information as well so you don’t take too much or too little of your medicine.

4. Find Your Family

So your family wants to wander off for a bit, huh? Good! Maybe you can have five minutes to yourself. Glympse (Android, iOS) lets you and your loved ones set up timed-based location tracking that each of you can see on a map. You can send messages to each other if you’re running late, and map watchers don’t need to actually have the app installed if they just want to keep an eye on everyone.

5. Keep An Eye On What You’re Putting In Your Body

It’s hard to eat healthy, especially when lots of “healthy” food might contain otherwise unhealthy ingredients. Fooducate (Android, iOS) lets you barcode-scan items before you eat them and returns a letter grade based on calories, excessive sugar, trans fats, and a slew of other additives. Low-scoring foods are accompanied by better-for-you alternatives, too.