Find Out The Weird Side Effect Of Groundhog Day-ing a Woman In The Short Film “One-Minute Time Machine”

Recently, the only way to Groundhog Day someone into falling in love with you was to find out everything about that person from social media and use it to your advantage in person. Like a creep. A new short film, however, finds a man doing things the old-fashioned way and optimizing a pick-up attempt with the aid of a time machine that only goes back one minute.

In the aptly titled One-Minute Time Machine, starring Brian Dietzen and Children’s Hospital actress Erinn Hayes, a man with a shoebox-size time-travel implement hits on a woman at a park bench in a manner that is scientifically unsound. Every time he says something that rubs her the wrong way, he hits a giant red reset button on the machine, troubleshooting his way to romantic success. This is probably an accurate description of what wannabe pick-up artists go through as they field test material on unsuspecting women until they crack the code or whatever. Ugh. At least this guy’s attempt is not without its unexpected space-time consequences, as you will see.

Directed by Devon Avery, the video was an official selection of
the first annual Sploid Short Film Festival, which recently opened for submissions and will culminate in an award ceremony this November.