5 Great Free Apps For When You Have 5 Minutes To Kill

Randomly surf the web, find a movie to watch, or just chill out for a bit.

These days, it seems we’re more hectic than ever. So it’s nice to have a little downtime, however short. These five free apps can keep you entertained while you’re waiting for that next meeting to start.


1. See Where the Web Takes You.

Fumble around with StumbleUpon (Android, iOS). Let the app know about some of your interests, and it’ll serve up random stuff from around the web that might interest you. You’ll get straightforward blog posts and articles, plus quotes, photos, videos, and more. If you like something, give it a thumbs up; if not, give it a thumbs down. You can follow your friends to see what they like, too.

2. Find a Movie to Watch.

Use Flixster (Android, iOS) to sneak in a movie preview here and there. The app serves up previews for current and upcoming movies, passing along showtimes and letting you buy tickets at participating theaters. And if you feel more at home wearing sweats on your couch while surrounded by several domesticated animals, the app will let you manage your Netflix queue to plan out a binge or three.

3. Practice Your Interview Skills.

Try (Android, iOS) for some fun Q and A. You kill time by answering random questions posed by other users. Queries range from a simple “Where are you?” which asks you to take a photo of your surroundings, to more pointed questions about life, love, and work. You can hook up with all your social media connections to see what they have to say, and ask your own questions should you get tired of simply answering them.

4. Get to Know Your Phone Better.

Chances are, you probably haven’t fully tapped into all your phone’s features. Drippler (Android, iOS) provides Android- and Apple-specific versions that run down notable features, recent updates, and provide how-to articles that you can use to really get into the nitty-gritty of that handheld computer that’s always in your pocket.

5. Gather Your Thoughts.

Who says you have to actually do something when you’ve got five minutes to kill? Try 5 Minute Relaxation (Android, iOS) instead. This app helps you chill out for five minutes, with guided meditations that help you return to normal until your next appointment starts. There’s an end-of-the-day mode as well, which can guide you to sleep if you happen to be too restless.