Here’s The Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week, Paula Deen Edition [Updated]

Here’s The Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week, Paula Deen Edition [Updated]

We’re back with the Worst Brand Tweet of the Week, thanks to one deeply offensive Paula Deen.

This morning, the former Food Network celebrity chef tweeted a photo from 2011, in which she is dressed as Lucille Ball and accompanied by her son Bobby–who is decked out in brownface makeup to portray Desi Arnaz.

Yes, you heard that right. What better way to ring in #TransformationTuesday!

The tweet has since been deleted, though it’s unclear how Deen made such an unforgivable gaffe given the very public fall from grace she endured after admitting, in a 2013 lawsuit, that she had used racial slurs.

We’re guessing Deen’s PR team will want to have a drink (or 10) tonight.

Update: Ignoring the basic rules of crisis communications, Deen fired out a promotional tweet this afternoon without an apology:

Twitter descended on the tweetand was not amused.

Update #2: BuzzFeed News reports that the brownface tweet was the work of Deen’s social media manager, who has now been fired:

The promotional tweet we mentioned in our last update has also been deleted, and replaced above with a screenshot.

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