From Getting Things Done To Being A Good Boss: June’s Top 10 Leadership Stories

It was a busy month: we figured out the best time to email, the right way to say thank you after an interview, how to get promoted and more.


This month, we focused on how to do the right things at work, from writing thank-you notes to highlighting your emotional intelligence.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the month of June 2015.

1. 5 Habits of People Who Always Get Promoted

We all have that coworker who seems to do and say all the right things–and is rewarded for them. Here are the five habits of people adding value to their companies with insight and leadership. Now go get that promotion.

2. The Best Time of Day to do Everything At Work

There actually is a best time to maximize the effectiveness of everything you do at work, from sending emails that actually get responses to asking for a raise. These tips will help you work better, faster, and smarter, not to mention lower your stress level.

3. The Right Way To Say Thanks After An Interview

As it turns out, a good thank-you letter may be the difference between getting a job and getting passed over. This week, we explore methods for crafting the perfect note of gratitude for potential employers.

4. How To Become The Smartest Person In The Room

These activities can help you not only appear smarter in front of others, but actually improve the way your brain works.


5. The Inside Story Of Starbuck’s Race Together Campaign

Back in March, Starbucks unveiled its controversial “Race Together” campaign, causing a social-media uproar despite CEO Howard Schultz’s best intentions. Where will Schultz take his company’s social influence in the future?

6. How These Companies Have Made Four-Day Workweeks Feasible

A three-day weekend every week seems too good to be true, but these companies are making it work for them, pun intended. Their organizational tips will have your office saying: “TGIT.”

7. The Father Of “Getting Things Done”: You’re Getting Me All Wrong

Productivity in today’s world is the ultimate goal, but how do we get there? David Allen, founder of the time management system “Getting Things Done” talks the misconceptions about productivity and how to use his method of prioritization and reflection.

8. Why Emotionally Intelligent People Are More Successful

According to a recent study, the key to success lies in your personality, communication and leadership–your emotional intelligence–far more than technical ability or previous experience. We discuss why this is the case and how you can make sure you’re hiring emotionally intelligent people.

9. The 50 Most Well Liked CEOs in the US

In not-so-surprising news, 50% of people report leaving a job because of they couldn’t deal with a manager, but that’s not the case for Glassdoor’s annual list of the most well-liked CEOs in America. Check out this year’s winner (who made a significant leap from 11th place!) and see why their employees love working where they do.


10. Four Daily Habits of A Good Boss

Whether it’s taking time for themselves every morning or making the effort to improve things in the workplace, most great bosses stick to a successful routine.