Twitch Had 21 Million Viewers During E3

Gaming live-stream platform Twitch reached a high point during the E3 gaming conference two weeks ago: more than 21 million unique viewers and 840,000 peak concurrent viewers. Those staggering numbers are great news for the Amazon-owned service–and indicate which advertisers might be interested in gaming simulcasts with sports broadcast-style live commentary.

“With more than 21 million unique viewers tuning in to close to 12 million hours of content, we continue to be both appreciative and awestruck by the support we get from our passionate community,” Twitch programming director Marcus Graham said via email. “We credit them for not only tuning into hours and hours of E3 gaming goodness, but for bringing their own voice to the mix by co-streaming our broadcasts.” The 840,000 concurrent viewers that Twitch boasts from E3 tuned into one of the press conferences on June 15. The company, citing commitments to its content partners, declined to say which conference it was.

The service has more than 100 million unique monthly viewers, most of whom have money to spend. Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, primarily for its advertising potential since the platform offers a variety of ad products. In search of that coveted disposable income-possessing gamer demographic, YouTube launched a Twitch competitor called YouTube Gaming earlier this month.

Update: This article has been updated to reflect Twitch’s current viewership numbers.NU