Your Creative Calendar: 74 Things To Do, See, And Hear This July

Your creative calendar for July is here–get ready for 74 movies, shows, and albums that will create fireworks indoors (and also outside too).

Your Creative Calendar: 74 Things To Do, See, And Hear This July

It’s hard to believe that the year’s half over. Time flies when you’re watching reanimated dinosaurs dine on innocent theme park guests, or listening to A$AP Rocky dine on the world’s finest, most powerful hallucinogens. According to mathematics, half of the year’s best projects have already been released. All of those items destined to hog up the top spots of end of the year list? Half of them are already in circulation. It doesn’t seem possible, though. With all the cool movies, shows, albums books, and more on the way just in July, this year looks to be anything but front-loaded with essentials. Have a look through Co.Create’s guide for July’s Scrooge McDuck-style gold vault of entertainment treasures to get a sense of how much of the year’s best is yet to come.

Paper Towns, opens July 24th

Movies In Theaters

  • Magic Mike XXL, opens July 1st. Mike and his pals take to the road once they find out they are allergic to pants in a finely chiseled sequel to the 2012 hit.
  • Terminator: Genisys, opens July 1st. After a gubernatorial stint and some unmemorable comeback vehicles, Schwarzenegger returns to his most beloved franchise of all to create further time-paradoxes and battle his fellow cyborg timelords.
  • Amy, opens July 3rd. Building off the strong reception of the Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck, this Amy Winehouse bio tells the late artist’s whole story in painful detail.
  • The Gallows, opens July 10th. Blumhouse has had a lot of success with launching low-budget horror franchises, and its latest project finds a hanging-happy killer picking off high school students.
  • Self/less, opens July 10th. Not since Face/Off changed the game by putting a backslash in its title have we seen a project this promising. Ben Kingsley plays a billionaire industrialist who fights cancer by transferring his self-ness into the hunk-meat body of Ryan Reynolds. Things do not go perfectly, if you can even believe that.
  • Ant-Man, opens July 17th. The latest and weirdest Marvel movie trades in the city-destroying antics of some of its peers for a looser, more playful approach. Paul Rudd plays the incredible, shrinking hero, and Michael Douglas, amazingly, does not play the villain.
  • Trainwreck, opens July 17th. Amy Schumer, current queen of all things interesting, takes a break from her TV show to star in a Judd Apatow-directed feature that she also wrote. Damn, Amy Schumer. Leave some “killing it” for the rest of us.
  • The Look of Silence, opens July 17th. Joshua Oppenheimer’s follow-up to the phenomenal documentary The Act Of Killing explores similar genocidal subject matter from a different angle.
  • Mr. Holmes, opens July 17th. Gods and Monsters director Bill Condon catches up with Sherlock Holmes near the end of his life, when the fictional detective extraordinaire is old enough to be played by Ian McKellen.
  • Paper Towns, opens July 24th. The latest adaptation from a John Green YA novel looks not as tear-jerky as last year’s The Fault In Our Stars, but who knows.
  • Pixels, opens July 24th. After taking a mostly deserved beating in the press and the box office for a few years, Adam Sandler’s latest project, an adaptation of an acclaimed video about video games invading the real world, is the first in a while with any buzz around it at all. Of course, that could all be due to Peter Dinklage’s mullet.
  • Southpaw, opens July 24th. Originally written with Eminem in mind, this story of a boxer fighting to win his daughter back finds a crazily bulked-up Jake Gylenhaal transformed from his Nightcrawler gauntness.
  • Vacation, opens July 29th. The Griswolds are back, except this time it’s Rusty (Ed Helms) taking his family to Wally World. Freaks and Geeks actor John Francis Daley makes his directorial debut with this remake, working alongside his writing partner from the Horrible Bosses films.
  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, opens July 31st. Say what you will about Tom Cruise’s scientology-loving ways, the man sure knows his way around a kickass action movie. Coming off the breathless M:I – Ghost Protocol and last year’s underrated Edge of Tomorrow, Cruise looks poised to keep the streak.
  • The End of the Tour, opens July 31st. David Foster Wallace fans did not exactly rejoice at first when Jason Segel was cast to play the late genius author in this adaptation of a travelogue about him, but after a rapturous reception at Sundance, curiosity is up.

Movies To Watch At Home

  • Chris Tucker Live, Netflix July 17th on Netflix. After nearly 20 years of making mostly Rush Hour movies, Chris Tucker returns from whence he came–comedy of the stand-up variety.
  • Tig, July 17th on Netflix. And speaking of stand-up comedy, this documentary follows one of our best contemporary comics, Tig Notaro, as she hits a career peak following grievous personal tragedy.
  • Unexpected, July 24th. How I Met Your Avengers star Colbie Smulders and up-and-coming Workaholic Anders Holm deal with an unexpected pregnancy in this indie comedy.
  • A Lego Brickumentary, July 31st. Now that you’ve seen The Lego Movie, why not learn more about where the buildable bricks came from?
  • That Sugar Film, July 31st. Filmmaker Damon Gameau goes Super Size Me with a high-sugar diet to demonstrate how Americans are fattening themselves up.

Albums You Should Hear

  • Ghostface Killah – Twelve Reasons To Die II, out on July 10th. Shaolin’s finest MC, Ghostface, follows up 2013’s cinematic collaboration with composer Adrian Younge with this sequel.
  • Little Boots – Working Girl, out on July 10th. Victoria Christina Hesketh returns with more stylish hotel-ready EDM-lite.
  • Owl City – Mobile Orchestra, out on July 10th. Can Owl City outlive its MySpace success story origins and Postal Service soundalike accusations with this latest batch of songs.
  • The-Dream – Crown Jewel, out on July 10th. More smooth, horny af R&B from the future-leaning producer/crooner.
  • Veruca Salt – Ghost Notes, out on July 10th. The ’90s alt-rockers responsible for “Seether” return with their original lineup for the first time since 1997.
  • Prefuse 73 – Every Color Of Darkness, out on July 14th. The hip-hop affiliated electro producer updates his discography with a new EP.
  • Chemical Brothers – Born In The Echoes, out on July 17th. It’s been five long years since the Chems’ last–Further, the album that wandered furthest away from their ’90s Big Beat formula. If the recently released collaboration with St. Vincent is any indication, the new album is a return to form.
  • Ratatat – Magnifique, out on July 17th. The lyric-less art-damaged scuzz-dance duo return with the first set of songs not to feature a numerical title.
  • Tame Impala – Currents, out on July 17th. Blissed-out hyper hippie rock unit Tame Impala don’t sound like anyone else around, but on this third LP they sound more like themselves than ever.
  • The Bird And The Bee – Recreational Love, out on July 17th. The dream-pop duo return with their first new album since producer Greg Kurstin collaborated with singers like Lily Allen, Pink, and Kelly Clarkson.
  • Albert Hammond, Jr. – Momentary Masters, out on July 31st. The Strokes guitarist continues his ongoing pursuit of the title of most rockin’ solo Stroke.
  • Titus Andronicus – The Most Lamentable Tragedy, out on July 31st. The literary punks from New Jersey return with their first album in three years.

Things To Watch On Your TV (Or Your Computer)

  • Key & Peele, premieres July 8th on Comedy Central. It’s season 5 for the costume-heavy sketchfest, and the first since the duo’s creation, Luther the Anger Translator, figured into President Obama’s State of the Union address earlier this year.
  • Spoils Before Dying, premieres July 8th on IFC. Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig return to the small screen for the follow-up to last year’s heavy-handed miniseries satire, The Spoils of Babylon.
  • Why? With Hannibal Buress, premieres July 8th on Comedy Central. The Cosby-slaying comedian debuts his new Comedy Central, offering his own specific take on the week’s events.
  • Dates, premieres July 9th on The CW. This stateside remake of a British sitcom is among the first to feature online dating as more than just an occasional plot point.
  • 7 Days in Hell, premieres July 11th on HBO. Andy Samberg and Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, star in this tennis mockumentary.
  • Masters of Sex, premieres July 12th on Showtime. It’s the third season for the sexy show about sex that’s so sexy it’s got ‘sex’ in the title.
  • The Strain, premieres July 12th on FX. Guillermo del Toro’s horror series returns for a second season, minus the disgusting billboards.
  • Jim Gaffigan Show, premieres July 15th on TV Land. The family-friendly comic and father of five debuts his new show, in which he plays.. wait for it… a family man who’s also a comic.
  • Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, premieres July 16th on FX. Dennis Leary is a rock star. No, really. Premiering on FX, the same show that supported his firefighting drama Rescue Me for so many years, Sex&Drugs finds Leary’s washed-up rocker dealing with his daughter’s similar aspirations.
  • Married, premieres July 16th on FX. Judy Greer is not only featured in two of this summer’s biggest movies, Jurassic World and Ant-Man, she returns here with the second season of her scarily realistic sitcom about married life.
  • BoJack Horseman, premieres July 17th on Netflix. One of the best animated series in years started off as Hollywood satire and ended up as an ultra-frank depiction of depression. Who knows what kind of left-turns it’ll take in season two.
  • Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, premieres July 17th on Netflix. The beloved camp spoof Wet Hot finally continues, after years of speculation, in the form of an eight-episode prequel on Netflix. The entire cast returns, and that includes Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Janeane Garofalo, and so many other very funny people.
  • Tut, premieres July 19th on Spike. King Tutankhamun gets the six-hour, three-episode Spike treatment and it may not be dignified but it might hold your attention.
  • Welcome to Sweden, premieres July 19th on NBC. Greg Poehler (brother of Amy) brings back his episodic saga of an expat on the Nordic track.
  • Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, premieres July 22nd on Syfy. You know the drill by now. Sharks flying through the sky, and b-list actors psyched to be in on the joke. For better or worse, it’s exactly what it promises it is.
  • I Am Cait, premieres July 26th on E!. Caitlyn Jenner made her graceful debut on the cover of Vanity Fair last month, and now we finally see her in action. Hopefully, it will be more of an in-depth peak into a life in transition, rather than yet another Kardashians spinoff. (You’ll be able to tell by the goofiness of the background music.)
  • Rick and Morty, premieres July 26th on Adult Swim. Dan Harmon’s side project cartoon with Justin Roiland returns for a second season of late-night animated hijinks.
  • Review, premieres July 30th on Comedy Central. Andy Daly’s gleefully out there creation, in which his character reviews every experience there is, returns for a second season’s worth of degradation.

Books to Read

  • Tim & Eric – Tim & Eric’s Zone Theory: 7 Easy Steps To Achieve a Perfect Life, out on July 7th. Everything you love about Tim & Eric, now in the form of a fake self-help book.
  • Lidia Yuknavitch – The Small Backs of Children: A Novel, out on July 7th. After an American photographer takes an acclaimed picture of a young girl barreling toward the lens, away from the explosion that claims her home and family, life changes both for that photographer and a writer friend.
  • Harper Lee – Go Set a Watchman: A Novel, out on July 14th. The insanely long-awaited follow-up to To Kill a Mockingbird, whose surprise announcement earlier this year caused morbid curiosity.
  • Ernest Cline – Amanda: A Novel, out on July 14th. Get ready, Ready Player One fans, Cline has a new pop culture-heavy novel that has to do with video games.
  • Harry Turtledove – Bombs Away: The Hot War, out on July 14th. Turtledove’s latest alt-history novel imagines, post World War II, what might have happened had the Cold War heated up.
  • Elijah Wald – Dylan Goes Electric!: Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night That Split the Sixties, out on July 14th. One of the most divisive moments in music history, Bob Dylan evolving beyond his Woody Guthrie roots, gets the big bio treatment.
  • Miranda Sings – Self-Help, out on July 21st. Despite the title, this comedic YouTuber’s “self-help” book is about as helpful as Tim & Eric’s.
  • Hilary Liftin – Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper, out on July 21st. A celebrity memoir ghostwriter makes her fiction debut with this straight-out-of-the-tabloids tale that will be found in beach bags all summer long.
  • William T. Vollman – The Dying Grass, out on July 28th. The eccentric author’s latest novel tells the story of the Nez Perce War, a key moment in the initial colonization of America.

Places To Go

  • Just For Laughs, July 22nd – 25th. Montreal’s major comedy festival features an award show, comedy performances, panels, and live podcasts–all involving big names like Dave Chappelle, Mike Myers, and… Sir Patrick Stewart? Yup.
  • U2 is not only on your phone, they’re on tour this month.
  • Kevin Hart: What Now? Kevin Hart has played the biggest comedy venues in the world many times over and now he’s doing it again.
  • Ron Funches is the hilarious comic who serves as secret weapon on NBC’s Undateable, and now he’s on a headlining tour.
  • Your favorite Irish punk band from the ’70s, Stiff Little Fingers, is touring again, and if you squint, it’s like not a day has gone by.
  • Taylor Swift: The 1989 World Tour. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG
  • San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12th. The nerd Mecca looks to be a smaller event this year with Marvel, Sony, and Paramount all sitting it out, but still most of the big pop culture stuff will be well-represented.
  • The Alamo Drafthouse hosts Jaws on July 11th, in the best possible setting: a fake beach in a manmade lake where very brave people will be watching the movie in innertubes.
  • Midwesterners get a two-fer of music festivals July 17th, with Forecastle in Louisville (headlined by Sam Smith and My Morning Jacket) and Pitchfork in Chicago (headlined by Wilco, Chance the Rapper, and Sleater-Kinney) both happening that same weekend. Agonizing news if you live in Indianapolis and can’t decide which one to attend!
  • Colin Quinn’s New York Story, directed by Jerry Seinfeld, opens off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater July 23rd, and should play pretty well to this crowd, who never minds being geographically pandered to by comedy masters.
Take Your Plants for a Walk Day, July 27thPhoto: Flickr user ProFlowers

Weird Holidays To Celebrate

  • Compliment Your Mirror Day, July 3rd.♪ I’m complimenting the man in the mirror ♪
  • International Nude Day, July 14th. SEE MAGIC MIKE XXL AN UNPRECEDENTED THIRD TIME!
  • Take Your Plants for a Walk Day, July 27th. If you think about, it’s like you’re taking them home.

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