Airbnb Travels With Pride, Pampers Sings To Parents: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

IAMS’ coming of age story, Nike’s Cleveland tribute, and Strongbow fires Patrick Stewart.

Airbnb Travels With Pride, Pampers Sings To Parents: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

It’s Pride Month and to add another level to that, it’s also a month in which the U.S. Supreme Court delivered its judgement on marriage equality. An increasing number of major brands have taken this as an opportunity to actively support the LGBT community, and this week is no exception.


Pride ads from organizations as diverse as Esurance, the Canadian Olympic Committee, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential election campaign, and Airbnb all served up thought-provoking ads, but it was the latter that stood out. Airbnb’s short film featuring gay couples talking about the struggles and challenges of travel not only is a perfect fit for the brand and its product, but also poignantly illustrates the individual impact equality can have.

Read on for more about this campaign and the rest of our picks for the week’s best in brand creativity.

IAMS “A Boy And His Dog Duck”

What: A sweet, coming of age tale about a boy and his dog with an ending that might make people cry at work.
Who: IAMS, DDB New York
Why We Care: It may seem easy, but it takes some serious skills to effectively tell a story that truly taps into the emotional connection between dogs and their humans. This remake of a very popular, but much less emotional, ’90s ad puts IAMS ad game up there with its successful sibling Pedigree.


Airbnb “Love Is Welcome Here”

What: A short film marking Pride Month that looks at the travel challenges faced by gay couples.
Who: Airbnb, Molecule
Why We Care: As we said up top, a lot of brands are flying the Pride flag, but this short stands out in how it expertly addresses a very real issue, that also happens to directly relate to the brand, without invoking an overly sappy greeting card vibe.

Strongbow “Fired”

What: The cider brand breaks some bad news to Sir Patrick Stewart in this subtle, funny dig at celebrity spokespeople.
Who: Strongbow, Droga5
Why We Care: Learnings from recent studies on celebrity worship in advertising and the millennial consumer is something all brands need to look a bit closer at and integrate into their overall marketin… “Strongbow!”

Pampers “Hush Little Baby”

What: A classic lullaby rewritten to reflect how babies brings people together and inspires society to be its best.
Who: Pampers, Saatchi & Saatchi New York
Why We Care: While anyone who’s eve been stuck at the top of the stairs with a stroller as people stroll by without helping knows this isn’t 100% accurate, it does nicely tap into the general human truth that we all tend to pick up our game when a baby or small child is around.


Nike “Everything is Earned”

What: A full-page print ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer after the Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to Golden State to remind readers that fairytales don’t come true in Cleveland.
Who: Nike
Why We Care: While this could come off as a strange back-handed compliment or worse, an outright insult, to Cleveland Cavaliers fans, it’s actually a cool way to double-down on the underdog mentality and get ready for next year.

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