• 06.25.15

Dollar Beard Club Spoofs Dollar Shave Club, Disappears Down Advertising Rabbit Hole

A new company called Dollar Beard Club wants in on the viral success of Dollar Shave Club, by spoofing it. We only roast the ones we love.

Remember the viral success of that Dollar Shave Club ad mocking other startup ads? In a remarkable display of inside-baseball bravado, a new face-hair focused startup released an ad parodying the Dollar Shave Club ad. There’s a 40% chance we’ve just hit the singularity.


Dollar Beard Club is a real thing that’s really real. For a monthly fee, it’ll send Amish Brooklynites the beard oil they need to sustain peak ZZ Top sex appeal. The company’s inaugural ad condenses an entire Entourage movie’s bro-iness into 90 lumbersexual seconds. Somehow, it stops short of flinging griddle-fresh bacon strips at a golden statue of Ron Swanson. The ad is not above directly referencing its advertising muse, though.”You sure as hell won’t be receiving any razors from us to demolish your manhood!” the heavily bearded founder assures us. Shots fired!

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Joe Berkowitz is a writer and staff editor at Fast Company. His next book, Away with Words, is available June 13th from Harper Perennial.