Free App Friday: 5 Cool Tools For Your Android Wear Watch

Take notes, check the weather, hit the links, and more.

If you own a smartwatch, put it to work! After all, there’s a fine line between wrist-worn gimmick and ever-accessible information machine. The difference is in the software. Here are some handy-dandy Android Wear apps to get you started.


1. Get Things Done

Trello is an excellent organization app in its own right, letting you organize projects into shareable virtual whiteboards full of to-dos, photos, and comments from anyone you’ve invited to work on a board with you. On your Android Wear watch, you’re able to reply to comments left by others and quickly start new projects by saying, “Take a note” and adding some details.

2. Check the Forecast

The 1Weather Android app serves up extended forecasts, animated radar, and interactive charts in a gorgeous, easy-to-use interface. When paired with an Android Wear device, you’ll get at-a-glance current conditions and forecasts with a quick swipe.

3. Take long-distance selfies

The Google Camera app is a straightforward and useful replacement for your phone’s stock camera app, and its Android Wear tie-in allows you to remotely snap photos from afar. Simply set up your shot and tap the remote shutter button on your watch; you can instantly review each photo right on your watch after you take it.

4. Kill Some Time

Solitaire Wear is pretty much just like it sounds: solitaire on your watch. Dragging cards around on such a tiny screen is less cumbersome than you’d think, with helpful snapping intelligence to guide your card to where it needs to go. There’s a full-enough feature set–draw one, draw three, next-move hints, different background designs–to keep you entertained for a while, and there’s a left-handed orientation for you southpaws out there.

5. Hit the Links

With good Golf GPS watches going for hundreds of dollars on their own, Hole19 adds a whole lot of value to your Android watch. The free golf app serves up bird’s eye views and on your phone, while the Android Wear component relays yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green for each shot.