The Recommender: Joel Arbaje, Now With 100% More Cute Dog

The best things on and off the Internet this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

The Recommender: Joel Arbaje, Now With 100% More Cute Dog
Joel Arbaje recommends you get a dog: This is his dog Llewellyn [Photo: Joel Arbaje]
Joel ArbajePhoto: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Joel Arbaje
Role at Fast Company: Associate photo editor. My responsibilities include bringing the magazine’s photos to digital life for our online articles, adding art to Fast Company feature articles, and being a screenshooter extraordinaire for FastCoCreate. Lately I’ve been curating the Fast Company Instagram feed to make sure it’s something that displays our beautiful photography properly and is worth following.
Twitter: @dissatk
Titillating Fact: This isn’t my first rodeo recommender. Last time we checked in, Final Fantasy XV had just announced that the game was still in the demo stages. And I have a dog now, an Italian Greyhound/Xoloitzcuintli mix named Llewellyn. His name comes from Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men. He is just so wonderful and such a unique mixed breed. Click through the slideshow above to learn more about him.


Things he’s loving:

Normally we’re asked to recommend three things, but I’m going to preface my recommendations with three additional recommendations. They need no introduction…

  1. Southern Rites Documentary on HBO
  2. “It’s time to take down the Confederate flag” by Nikita Richardson
  3. “The U.S. Doesn’t Track Deaths By Police, So Citizens Are Doing It” by Michael Grothaus

Now onto the three other (more positive) things I’m liking this week…

1. “Denali”: This short film, produced by Patagonia, is a terribly sad but uplifting story about a man and his dog. (We have some great photographs from the director over on CoCreate.) There’s this one part that has stuck with me since seeing the film, where the protagonist says, “There was this really smart scientist guy who said that people can learn a lot from dogs. He said that when someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”

2. Celebration of Life: My favorite comedians, Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura, recently announced that they will become real life moms and are having a baby boy. The duo hosts a weekly Podcast called “Your Mom’s House” and it always puts a smile on my face to see this couple and their extremely raw form of affection. It’s hard to explain why it’s funny and why I can’t stop listening, but I first heard of Segura when his Netflix special came out in 2014, and a couple Google searches later I became a Mommy and I hope that you will too (not a real Mommy–that’s what a fan of the podcast is called, a “Mommy.”)

Pazsitzky and Segura have a pilot that was greenlit for TruTV and a new Netflix special being filmed in July. Congratulations on the baby, the podcast, the pilot and the new special. Keep them jeans high and tight, Mommies.


P.S., Podcasts are bigger than ever thanks to President Barack Obama appearing on Marc Maron.

Joel Arbaje in Jasik’s Photo Series, A Thousand Souls

3. Dope Photographers: I took part in Maciek Jasik’s “A Thousand Souls” series, I suggest you check out his work. Amy Lombard is killing it with the Hot Flash game, and Daniel Shea recently shot a portrait of President Barack Obama for our latest cover story. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out!

Bonus Outro Music: I don’t know why this wasn’t the True Detective Season 2 theme song; it’s so great. Enjoy and happy recommending.