Lexus Goes Back To The Future With A Real Hoverboard Prototype

Flying cars have been part of our futuristic dreams since before we even saw George Jetson’s morning commute. Lexus has revealed a sneak peek at some of its research towards making it a reality with something a bit smaller than a car, but no less impressive. A real, working hoverboard prototype. And it’s not even a Tony Hawk hoax! Marty McFly would be so proud.

Dubbed the Slide, the board floats just above the ground, which in this case must be a metal surface, using liquid nitrogen superconductors and permanent magnets. It’s not the first working magnetic hoverboard but it is the first with the R&D backing of a major brand with eyes on getting our cars off the ground.

The company told Gizmodo it’s been working on the hoverboard for over 18 months with teams in both Germany and London, and it now testing it in Barcelona. Considering it needs to ride on a metal surface and we haven’t even seen how it rides, we’ve got a long way to go before there’s a hover car in the Lexus dealership. But as a marketing move–in the same year Back to the Future 2 takes place–it’s pretty perfect.