Today in Tabs: How To Read Internet

Today in Tabs: How To Read Internet
[Photos: Flickr users, The Art Gallery of Knoxville]

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you found the internet! The `net is ubiquitous and powerful, but do you know how to use it? I asked around, and everyone agreed that you don’t. They shook their heads, sadly, and some said “no…” and sort of trailed off, like they were remembering the death of a beloved pet. Others just stared at the floor silently, as if mourning a world that was once beautiful and serene but now looks like a tire fire at the Blade Runner municipal landfill because of your internet incompetence.

To ameliorate your grievous ineptitude, I asked Matt Lubchansky, a cartoonist previously with The Nib, more recently with the sling, and soon to be briefly with The Toast, and who you may know as the creator of Not All Man, to come and explain with nice pictures where you’re going wrong.


Today’s Song: They Might Be Giants covering Destiny’s Child, “Bills, Bill, Bills

~They be working in the tabs, so get louder if you want~

Thanks Matt! If you have any cartooning needs you can hire Matt for freelance or commission work. A human being will make brand new original drawings that have never appeared on earth before to your exact specifications! For money! This is an astonishing but true fact. And thanks as always to Fast Company, our web home, and TinyLetter where the buffalo roam.

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