See Every NFL Team Logo Politely Re-Imagined Canadian-Style

Graphic designers have a lot of fun with the NFL and its iconography. Sometimes the ideas they come up with for how to reimagine NFL helmets are sublime and perfect, and sometimes they’re, er, pretty weird–but in every case, the creativity and passion on display helps us deal with the fact that there’s still a long way to go before the start of football season.

Of course, there’s a much shorter wait for the start of the Canadian Football League season (which starts next Thursday), and that makes the latest batch of reimagined logos well-timed. Over at sarcastic sports blog Kissing Suzy Kolber, they’ve envisioned every NFL team’s logo if it were thematically appropriate for the NFL’s neighbors to the north. In a league dominated by Eskimos and Argonauts, Roughriders and Redblacks, the Detroit Lions logo would be–well, a big ol’ beaver, as would the Jacksonville Jaguars. There are only so many animals that scream “Canada,” which also helps explain why the Rams, Broncos, and Texans all get re-cast as moose, too.

The logos range from the snarky-but-plausible, like the Minnesota Mounted Police and the Oakland Enforcers, to hilariously lazy (the Carolina Panthers logo is essentially unchanged, except for a word balloon shouting “The Metric System!” while the Tennessee Titans get their giant T buttressed by a Tim Horton’s logo). At the very least, fans of both the NFL and the CFL should be able to look at these logos and be grateful that each league has the iconography that it does.

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