Travel App Spot Wants To Curate Your Next Vacation

Spot uses recommendations from experts and your friends to help you find “the best places in the world.”

A slew of apps and services have attempted to cash in on the $4.5 trillion travel and tourism industry. Dissatisfied with the fare, Luke Groesbeck–cofounder of a Y Combinator-backed startup–decided to try his hand at creating a discovery and planning app. Groesbeck thinks he has finally cracked the code with Spot, an app that wants to be your go-to for finding the “best places in the world.”

Spot App

The latest product from startup studio Expa, Spot is a network that curates recommendations from friends and experts, allowing its users to “save” spots that they frequent or want to visit based on those insights. “Your experience is based on your own unique network of friends and experts, so it reflects your interests, preferences, and tastes,” Spot wrote in a statement.

As the company notes, planning a trip is no small feat. Spot wants to change that:

“Today, figuring out where to go or planning for travel can be arduous. You ask friends, wade through reviews from strangers, search, collate, manually build lists and spreadsheets. Spot takes the pain out of the process so that you can focus on getting the most out of the real world. With Spot, you can get off a plane anywhere on the planet and find not just the best places, but the best places for you.”

Groesbeck says his hope is for Spot to be like Google’s PageRank–which determines how the search engine prioritizes search results–but for places in the physical world. He thinks Spot could cultivate both global breadth and local depth, though the app might need to take on the likes of Yelp and Foursquare for that to happen.

Expa is announcing its private beta today. To sign up, check out the Spot website. Expa previously launched restaurant app Reserve, which speeds up table turnover by allowing people to pay for meals electronically.


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Pavithra Mohan is a staff writer for Fast Company.