This Is How Marvel Congratulated “Jurassic World” For Chomping Its Box Office Record

Last weekend, Jurassic World It made the most money a movie can make in a weekend, historically speaking. Then on Tuesday, it made even more money–the most money a movie can make on a Tuesday following its release with present technology. Weirdly, though, nobody in the business of charting box office intake like sports records saw this coming. If anything, such an obscene level of success seemed preordained for May’s Avengers sequel, which merely made what was then the second-most money a movie could make in a weekend, failing to surpass the original, which set the record in 2012. At least the folks at Marvel are taking it in stride.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige recently tweeted an image congratulating Jurassic World on making dinosaur food out of The Avengers’ box–office record, which remained neck and neck on Sunday like the 1998 Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa homerun showdown. (Jurassic World made $208.8 million to The Avengers‘ now-pitiful sum of $207.4 million.) The illustration features The Avengers team gawping at Chris Pratt’s vest-wearing raptor-wrangler sitting a stride a T-Rex who is clutching Thor’s hammer. It’s the most nerdy kind of adorable. Perhaps this infectious goodwill will help keep the gravy train rolling all the way to Avatar‘s inexplicable python-clutch on the record for the most money a movie can make altogether of all-time. (Hey, remember Avatar?)

As Slash Film points out, this ad hearkens back to the era when George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were perennially neck and neck for all-time box office honors, and marked each besting with full-page ads in the trades. At least that’s what they did until James Cameron stormed in and ate their lunch with Titanic. Have a look at some of those ads in the slides above.