The Recommender: Daniel Salo, Who Totally Shreds!

The Recommender: Daniel Salo, Who Totally Shreds!
[Photo: Flickr user Will Temple]
Danny SaloPhoto: Celine Groaurd for Fast Company

Name: Danny Salo
Role at Fast Company: Online photo editor. I make sure there’s plenty of gorgeous pictures with the words you read.
Twitter: @salophoto
Titillating Fact: I’ve been skateboarding since I was 13 years old and have a mean 360 flip. This also means I’m almost always injured in some way. Ask to see a bruise!

Things he’s loving:

1. KEXP: A public radio station out of Seattle that exclusively plays music. I work from home and KEXP is both my soundtrack and my line to the outside world. It’s difficult to overstate the value of commercial-free music from a jaw-dropping variety of genres, curated by actual human beings rather than algorithms.

2. Leuchtturm1917 notebooks (A5, Hardcover, Dotted): As a Luddite with a short attention span, I live and die by notebooks. These are sturdy, have a great paper that drinks up ink without being too toothy, and the dots have the compositional advantages of graph paper while being much easier to remove in scans.

3. Verve Coffee: Living on the West Coast while working on an East Coast clock demands one thing: Good coffee for early mornings. Verve is a fantastic roaster based out of Santa Cruz, and my first choice for the pre-dawn fix.