The Ultimate ’90s Playlist, Inspired By The Movie “Dope”

Rick Famuyiwa’s film Dope dropped at Sundance this year and the ripple of buzz in anticipation of its wide release today has been amplified by critics who have noted its fresh take on stereotypes, insightful comedy, and most importantly: the ’90s music nostalgia.

Dope, produced by the blockbuster trio of Forest Whitaker, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Pharrell Williams, follows straight-laced, nerdy Malcolm as he tries to elevate his “dork” status in high school to “dope” through a wild, drug-laced adventure in a roughneck Los Angeles neighborhood. What bonds Malcolm and his two friends who tag along for the ride is their love of ‘90s hip-hop, and the movie’s soundtrack is a brilliant reflection of that.

However, we wanted to know what were your favorite jams of the ’90s, and you most certainly did not disappoint with suggestions. Presenting your ultimate ’90s playlist:

Make sure you click through the slideshow above to watch the music videos. Also a big shout-out to our ’90s music curators–thanks for the tweets!