See How One Dad Is Making The Best Of His Daughter’s Need for An Eyepatch

Four-year-old Layla was born with a minor cataract. In order to avoid surgery or a lazy eye, she has to wear an eyepatch for at least two hours a day, which sounds like a complete bummer–unless your dad is Geof Grubb.

In a series of posts, Layla is shown sporting fetching eyepatch designs doodled by her dear old dad: characters from Super Mario Bros., the old school Apple logo, Wonder Woman’s insignia–Layla’s left eye is a veritable blank canvas for awesomeness. But, of course, what will really be awesome is when Layla doesn’t have to wear an eyepatch anymore.

Get better, Layla! And Grubb, we salute you.

Check out their Instagram feed “Layla’s Patches” for daily updates.