LinkedIn’s Redesigned Pulse App Wants To Personalize Your News

LinkedIn’s standalone professional news app Pulse is getting a sweeping redesign. The idea is to bring users “news that is powered by your professional world,” be it through industry-specific headlines or native Pulse content.

In a blog post, Pulse founder Akshay Kothari calls the service “the world’s first personalized business news digest.” The app will automatically pull in content based on your existing LinkedIn presence, without prompting you to follow publishers or pages. You’ll see stories shared by colleagues, articles trending in your field, and other news based on your LinkedIn activity. According to Kothari, users can in fact shape the type of content Pulse shows them:

“The new cards-based interface has been designed to enable users to skim through lots of content quickly. Don’t like a story? Dismiss it. Want to read a story later? Save it. Like the author of the article? Follow them. All these interactions will continuously refine your content recommendations.”

But Pulse won’t rely solely on a Facebook-style algorithm to prioritize content. According to TechCrunch, Pulse is also enlisting “human editors” to help determine editors’ picks and headlines of the day, much like Apple plans on doing with its forthcoming News app.

[via Wired]