Today in Tabs: Beyond the Orange Room

“Dolezal” keeps autocorrecting to “doleful” and that doesn’t feel like an accident, to be honest.

Today in Tabs: Beyond the Orange Room
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Yesterday’s Rachel Dolezal tabs included a question that Jamelle Bouie surely thought was rhetorical: “is she black only when vying for a role where lived experience would help her odds?” But the answer arrived with surprising alacrity, in the form of a Smoking Gun document dump from Dolezal’s lawsuit against Howard University, where she alleged “discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult” because she was white. So I guess that’s one question answered. Last night’s Nightly Show was all over the story, with a notable appearance by future Georgia representative Killer Mike, and this morning Dolezal appeared on the Today Show to fail to clarify her non-answers to what one would think are some pretty straightforward questions. The Today Show then cut to a Carson Daly segment called “The Orange Room” which seemed a little mean, under the circumstances.


Doing what it does best, BuzzFeed picked up under-appreciated ex-Guardian editor Janine Gibson to head its Ol’ Knifey bureau. Gibson characterized BuzzFeed as “top second tier,” so most of the staff have already written her off as a hater and refuse to speak to her.

Sam Altman, polo shirt pioneer and head of prestigious startup incubator Y Combinator, is about to have his mind blown by the fifth grade social studies unit about post-Reconstruction Era America.

David Brooks just makes stuff up. Looks like Ed Champion’s back at the keyboard (NSFW). The Sunday Times/Snowden/Russia/China/file hacking story is way too circuitous and absurd and get into, but this CNN appearance by its author is a masterpiece of awkwardness. My coworker Mariko Kosaka wrote a scraper to collect Github repo contributor stats and wrote up what she learned from reading pull requests and issues in the What Is Code? repo.

Romy, nothing much is going on today, give us something random!


In the breaks I took between papers this weekend, I listened to Starlee Kine’s wonderful new podcast Mystery Show. Inspired, I decided to solve the mystery of my middle name.

I was middle-named after the coolest girl in my mom’s high school. They weren’t friends, but my mom fell in love with her wild, hippie mentality. “If it wasn’t for Sorelle, I wouldn’t have known what a hippie was. And I wouldn’t have dropped out, and I wouldn’t have started working at that activist place, and I wouldn’t have met your father, and you wouldn’t be here.”

I thought she would be harder to find, but my first Google search got me a name: Sorelle Saidman.

Turns out my mystery namesake has a mystery of her own. After publishing a Bryan Adams biography, Ms. Saidman dedicated most of her working life to Guns n’ Roses, writing about them for magazines like Spin and Rolling Stone. Harper-Collins signed her to write the definitive biography of Axl Rose. Originally scheduled for April 2006, then maybe 2008, and currently listed as February 2012 on Amazon, this Chinese Democracy of Axl Rose bios has still not been published. Fans wonder what happened—is the book in Axl’s vault? Did he threaten to sue? Was there something he didn’t want getting out? Whatever the truth is, the book somehow has 4.12 stars on Goodreads, of course.

Saidman now runs a rabbit shelter in Vancouver. She won’t tell us how far their holes go.

Romy somehow wrote this whole story about a long-delayed Axl Rose biography without even once mentioning “Chinese Democracy” (I had to add it!), which makes me wonder: where do we go now? Oooooh were do we go? Sweet child, where do we go now? Now now now now now now now.

Today’s Podcast: I’m not a fan of “two dudes chatting” podcasts, but in this episode of Tomorrow, Paul Ford and Josh Topolsky drink tequila and coffee and go so far off script that it ends up being really great.


Today’s Song: newcreationmashfactory, “A Sky Full of All Stars” (Coldplay vs. Smash Mouth)

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