Humans Of New York Are Ready For Their Close-Ups In This Fascinating New Web Series

Fact: Turn a corner in New York City and you’ll likely smack into someone or something awesome. The city is brimming with a unique creative culture, and comedian and host Kyle Supley is on a mission to curate the most interesting people and places in the mix with his web series Out There!

Supley is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the show, but already has a list of confirmed guests that should most definitely be introduced to the world at large (scroll through the slideshow above for a look).

“The focus will be on discovery, fun, and learning about the most bad*ss people and places that you need to know: Performers, artists, comics, entrepreneurs, designers, inventors, drag-queens, passers by and people who owe me favors, and we’ll visit funky events, offbeat locations and old-school institutions (while we still can!)” Supley explains on his Kickstarter page. “Growing up on shows like Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Mister Rogers, and Out Of Control, I learned that education and experiences can be celebrated through humor and creative characters, as seen through an insider’s alternative perspective.”’

Should Supley reach his funding goal and go into production, it’s very likely his series will run on a new, NYC-focused video platform, NYC TV. That company is in the middle of its own Kickstarter campaign, as well as an early round of fundraising, according to The Village Voice. NYC TV cofounder Kareem Ahmed tells Fast Company that he and his two partners on the venture discovered Supley on Kickstarter and are now talking with him about featuring his series on NYC TV.

Meantime, you can watch Out There!’s pilot episode here: