Take a Comprehensive Look At All The Easter (Dinosaur) Eggs In “Jurassic World”

The plot of every Jurassic Park movie hinges on digging up the past, so it’s only fitting that the latest film pays sly, winking tribute to the history of the franchise itself.

Geeked-out YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies put together a seven-minute video explaining all the easter eggs sprinkled throughout Jurassic World to titilate die-hard fans of the series. Although according to its record-breaking box office heist, roughly everyone in the world saw Jurassic World over the weekend, for those who didn’t, though: there will be spoilers.

The new film largely ignores the original’s two astonishingly inferior sequels, as it should, but it’s positively rife with nods toward Jurassic Park. Sets, vehicles, and character traits from the first film are referenced throughout, both directly and indirectly. (The only actual cast member to return is B.D. Wong’s Dr. Henry Wu, although John Hammond is shown in statue form.) Most of these nods to the franchise concern things that happened in previous movies–drops of blood mimicking Ian Malcolm’s Chaos Theory demonstration, for instance–there are also subtle allusions to behind-the-scenes stuff–like an intra-park restaurant being named Winston’s, after series effects wizard Stan Winston.

There’s also talk of a fan theory that Chris Pratt’s Owen is the grown-up version of the little boy Dr. Alan Grant scared with a detailed, wildly inappropriate description of the velociraptor’s killing methodology in Jurassic Park. Perhaps the creators are waiting for the next movie to provide confirmation of that one, perhaps via more easter eggs.JB