Your New Favorite Local News Eyewitness Star Is Courtney Barnes With #APieceOfBurger

The annals of grade-A eyewitness accounts on the news has a notable new addition: Internet, say hello to Courtney Barnes.

Following in the blessed footsteps of Antoine Dodson, Diana, Sweet Brown, and other eyewitnesses who have graced our television sets with their colorful testimonies or breaking news, Barnes regales us with his version of a chase that ended with a cop car smashing into a utility pole in Jackson, Mississippi–and if this isn’t the most fabulous regaling of any story, I don’t know what it is.

Whether it’s the apple-green ponytail, the nails to match, or those eyebrows that are redefining “on fleek,” Barnes is catching everyone’s attention–including Nicki Minaj’s.

If Barnes looks familiar, he’s auditioned several times to be on FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance.

He may not have been selected, but you already know he’s working his newfound viral fame at every angle.