Land Rover Creates An Interactive Instagram Adventure

The Brooklyn Brothers create multiple profiles to support a choose-your-own Instagram adventure.

Land Rover Creates An Interactive Instagram Adventure

Land Rover has joined the growing array of brands developing new applications for Instagram with “Adventuregram,” an interactive picture-based story that allows every user to make their own adventure.


Created and developed by The Brooklyn Brothers, Adventuregram is made from a series of photos depicting everyday adventure scenarios – herding sheep and going off road, for example, or driving the city streets at night.

By clicking through the tags attached to each picture, each pointing to a possible story detail–“chase_the_dog,” for example, or “have_picnic,” users select what happens next to make the adventure story their own.

The aim was to use Instagram to engage both existing and new users of the platform with Land Rover’s “everyday adventure” brand proposition to support the launch of the new Discovery Sport, according to Brooklyn Brothers client partner Miranda Mitchell.

The idea is for the user to experience the brand through a journey rather than a static experience.

“Activation needed to fit within the wider vehicle launch platform but still be native to Instagram and echo the way Instagram’s communities use the features of it as a social channel,” she says.

Experiments into how this could be achieved led the team to create one Instagram profile for each step of the journey, giving users plenty of options to choose from to create their own everyday adventure.


“Creating more than 140 Instagram profiles, then weaving them together into a web of storylines with hundreds of possible paths was a mighty logistical challenge, particularly as it wasn’t something that had previously been attempted on this scale on Instagram before,” Mitchell adds.

A key consideration was to create assets that felt natural to Instagram without heavy branding or product placement, and which could be repurposed in any market and in any language to maximize the investment.

To feel both real and native, Adventuregram comprises photos shot entirely on iPhone 6 in locations in the U.K. and France chosen to represent typical and generic urban and rural environments but without being recognizable as a particular place.

A dedicated social media and creative team at the agency then created the Instagram profiles over a period of six weeks, building up the storylines and linking them together with tags as each was completed.

Land Rover is the latest in a growing array of brands experimenting with using Instragram for brand communications in a variety of new and innovative ways. Just last month, Ballantine’s used the platform to create a new kind of magazine for modern whisky drinkers. In April, Benzac Acne Solutions created an Instagram sitcom.

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