“What Kind Of Tree Is That?” You Ask, Because You Are An Inquisitive Person: This App Will Tell You

Now that the weather is nice, you may be noticing all of the flowers in bloom around you. Or maybe you like to go hiking and are curious about the trees overhead. Ever wonder what you’re looking at?

PlantNet is an app could help with your plant identification needs. You can think of it as a Shazam for plants, instead of music. You take a photo of a plant and the app identifies it through a crowdsourced database.

Unfortunately, the reviews for PlantNet aren’t exactly stellar. And in my brief trial, my results were mixed. In part, that’s due to the particularly difficult challenge PlanetNet is working on: Computer image recognition still hasn’t entirely been cracked. Computers have an easier time with music recognition, since it’s just comprised of rhythms and pitches. With images there’s a lot more going on. Established companies like Flickr and startups alike haven’t been able to solve it.

PlantNet is available for both Android and iOS, though the Android app appears to be updated more regularly.